Saturday, February 6, 2016

Beach & Coffee to start the day

Out and about today having coffee by the water- the relaxing environment often has a big influence on our creative ideas. Good coffee might help as well. Many of our days start out like this which I think is great- running a business can be stressful at times, so having to water down the street is the ultimate way to keep things cool an calm.

Friday, February 5, 2016

NEW Prints For Ferrari Friday

For Ferrari Friday I've got a brand new set of prints ready to go of the F355, F50 GT, and F40- $20/each (includes shipping) or $50 for the set-  Prints are Signed & Numbered 11x17's out of just 50. Prints are available via 

Or by clicking the buttons Below the Image: 

 Ferrari F40 Signed & Numbered 11x17 Archival Print: $20

 Ferrari F50 Gt Signed & Numbered 11x17 Archival Print: $20


Ferrari F355 Signed & Numbered 11x17 Archival Print: $20

Ferrari Print Set: F355, F50GT, F40 11x17 Archival Prints: $50


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Quick Sketch & Render to Start the day: Grey Ghost/Hot Rod

Most mornings start out with a quick sketch of some sort, and most days I go ahead and render it as well to get my mind in the right set for the day. Today I'll be working on a grey car, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to warm up in the field of tones/colors I'll be working with later.

Markers/Airbrush on 11"x17" Marker Paper

This week ONLY- this Original Piece is $75 available here:

Monday, January 11, 2016

Custom 65 Mustang Fastback/Racecar for Mustang Monday

For Mustang Monday here's the rendered version of the 65 Fastback/Racecar that I sketched yesterday- I had a lot of ideas for the color combination but am so glad I went with this one! This piece also gave me some space to try a combination of new techniques I've been working on and using them together- a great way to learn. This original is available, (Email me for details) and prints are coming soon

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Friday, January 8, 2016

"Continental Breakfast" For 4 Foor Friday

For 4 Door Friday here's my "Continental Breakfast" piece from early last year- I actually still have this original available if anyone is interested please Email me for details:

I also have prints available via:

 Markers/Airbrush on Marker Paper

Saturday, December 12, 2015

NEW Chevy C10 Artwork & Prints

I've been away from the studio a few weeks working at a shop rebuilding the motor to my daily Vw Roadster- thankfully the guys there helped me out a ton in getting it all squared away and now the car is super awesome! So now that I'm home I'm getting some fresh ink down on the pages. A couple weeks ago I sketched up this 69 C10 and finally had a chance to render it recently. Many small touches and detail changes make for a clean custom, but the stance, wheels and slight roof chop really make the difference. Markers & Airbrushed Acrylics on Marker Paper, Prints available at:

I also have the Original available, please email me for details:

Friday, December 11, 2015

Ferrari Friday- 250 GTO Sharpie Sketch

For #FerrariFriday here's a clean shot of the 250 Gto Sharpie sketch compilation- This Original is available for $125/shipped, 18"x24" Sharpie & Paint Marker on newsprint:

 #ferrari #italian #classic #racecar #sharpie #sketch #sketchbook #carsketch #cardesign #handdrawn #newsprint